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Coffee County Rescue Squad

Coffee County Rescue Squad was formed in 1963 as a strictly volunteer organization, we currently have 33 members on our roster. We have trainings the first Tuesday of the month and meetings the third Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

We are a member of The Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads (T.A.R.S.). We are an Association of Life Saving, Rescue and First-Aid Units with members organized, trained and equipped for various types of rescue and first-aid work. Members voluntarily give of their time and effort WITHOUT compensation to assist victims in all types of accidents including, but not limited to, drowning, swift water, and lost persons to name a few. We help educate the public in these procedures by demonstrating and showing our equipment at local schools, fairs and career days.
T.A.R.S. was organized on January 14, 1955, and is incorporated under the statutes of Tennessee as a voluntary non-profit organization.
From the original charter group of five squads, T.A.R.S. has grown to 108 squads with approximately 4,000 members-stretching through 4 Regions from Bristol to Memphis. Some of the accomplishments of T.A.R.S. include a proclamation by the Governor of a statewide Rescue Squad Week, designing and distributing a T.A.R.S. flag and logo which is a registered trademark, and the development of efficient procedures for region and statewide operations.
Last year alone T.A.R.S. instructors taught approximately 800 classes with over 7,500 participants across the state with the state office handling the record keeping and printing of the certificates.
Thank you for your continued support!!

"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're PRICELESS." - Sherry Anderson